Entries from September 2013

Medicinal Marijuana Compliance Bonds

by Joshua Malone

Medicinal Marijuana Compliance Bonds are a new market for sureties, so not many underwriters or agencies have the knowledge or ability to underwrite them. Our office can get marijuana producers and dispensaries the statutory bonds they need to begin their work. In some states, emerging medical marijuana producers need to obtain surety bonds guaranteeing their […]

Income Statement

by Joshua Malone

Surety underwriters look at an applicant’s income statement to observe profitability over a period of time, usually one fiscal year. The income statement indicates whether a company made a profit by looking at the expenses to generate revenues. Unlike the previously discussed balance sheet, an income statement shows changes in company finances over a specific […]

Tax Bonds

by Joshua Malone

Tax bonds guarantee to the government payment of owed taxes by a business or individual. These bonds come in many different forms and pertain to different sectors of the economy. For example, alcohol bonds guarantee payment of taxes on alcohol sales while income bonds guarantee payment of deferred income taxes. The amount of risk involved […]